February 15, 2020

Home Tour – Girls’ Dream Colorful Playroom Makeover

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This post has been a long time coming as I wanted to share the final results of Hattie’s colorful playroom makeover. We actually did this 2 years ago, took the photos and then of course never shared it. Typical Jen. I also need to blog about our kitchen too, so stay tuned. Let’s do the back story on how this room came to be.

Back Story

We’ve had a few different play areas in our home over the years. When Hattie was younger, we purchased a cube system and keep it in our living room. It was great for books, toys, and pulling up to practice walking. It served its purpose well. As Hattie grew, she started to acquire bigger toys, like a kitchen that wasn’t really a practical option in our living room anymore. At that point we moved the playroom to the basement. This was great until she wanted Mom & Dad to join her, and honestly I didn’t really love hanging out in the basement. 

Then knowing that we had a guest bedroom in our basement, we decided to take the third room on our main level and turn that into a playroom. It only had furniture and bed that we could easily dismantle. We got the crazy idea of completely surprising Hattie with a brand new playroom for all her toys. Challenge accepted. 

The Project

We asked my parents if Hattie could sleep over. The first thing we did was clear the room and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. We went with Sherwin Williams Elation.

Basically we waited for paint to dry and by about 9pm we were ready to fill the playroom with all of her toys. That loved cube system and kitchen set found a new home in her playroom along with a tee pee, new rug and activity table & chairs. 


Playroom Makeover

Room Decor 


Cubby System – Costco (Similar

Storage Bins – IKEA

Prints & Frames – IKEA

PLAY Marquee Letters (Each Letter Sold Seperately)


Linked Items:

Retro Kitchen with Refridgerator 

Smoothie Set Baking Set



A favorite in our home as been Magna Tiles, they are used on a regular basis even at 6 years old. 

Kitchen Toys

Here are some of the toys we have accumulated. We’re big fans of Melissa & Doug around here for quality and gross and fine motor skills. 

Tee Pee / Darling Sign – Smallwood Home /



Overall, we’re just over the moon with the outcome. We hope that it is a space she’ll be able to enjoy for many years and I’m sure it will evolve into a different space over time!

Do you have a dedicated playroom in your home? 

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