December 15, 2016

Christmas Pajama Party!

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Who is ready for a Pajama Party? Confession, we have A LOT of Christmas Jammies. The Old Navy near us had them on super duper clearance over the summer for $3 a piece! Can’t pass that up can you? Heck no!
But, I’ll share with you my favorite ones because they were just so different than any I found. Our friend and favorite photographer Brooke hosted a fun Cookies & Milk Mini session for our MOPS table a couple of weeks ago and the photos are absolutely adorable. Miss H sported her Sugar Plum Fairy jammies and of course her signature big bow! I’ve never seen Sugar Plum Fairy jams – so we had to go for it!  Don’t let her fool you, she was way into those cookies and wanted to sneak them all! 



And…when did she get so big? She officially doesn’t look like a baby anymore. I’ve got a full blown toddler on my hands. Sass and all. This holiday season has been so much fun because she is REALLY into Santa. We downloaded the Video Santa App where she can fake Facetime Santa, and she’ll just keep calling and calling. She told Santa she wants “presents” and when you pry a little futher its “angel presents”. Let’s say there are NO angel toddler toys to be found. So if you have any ideas – PLEASE let this momma know!

It’s your turn! I’ve joined up with some of my favorite bloggers for a Christmas Pajama Party! Be sure to link up below or post those adorable jammie pics on instagram and use #christmasjamparty16 so we can find you!

6 responses to “Christmas Pajama Party!”

  1. Meghan says:

    Does she maybe mean presents for someone who's been really good? Or maybe buy her the little people nativity, that has an angel in it ;). Aren't toddlers fun and confusing!?! Cute pjs! And $3 a piece… I would have bought them all too!

  2. Adorable photo shoot! I'd be super interested in cookies that are sitting next to me too. 🙂 Love the jammies!! And I'm with Meghan, maybe the nativity since there's an angel.

  3. Julie says:

    try the amazing amazon…you might find angels there!

  4. Miss H is full toddler now- just look at those long legs! Her curls give me hair envy every time 😉

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