October 7, 2019

Visit The Donut Trail in Butler County, Ohio

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We recently had the opportunity to experience Butler County Donut Trail. I had no idea it was such a big deal in these parts of town, but Ohioans take their donuts very seriously. While we couldn’t do the entire trail in a single day, we had a great time checking out a few of the stops along the way.  We also learned a few tips and tricks about how to tackle the trail head on. 

Donut Trail 2019

What is the Donut Trail?

The donut trail, located in Butler County, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, home to the largest number of donut shops per capita in the Midwest! Who knew? What better way to celebrate small business than to create a little fun challenge! The trail is family friendly, full of sugar and guaranteed to be a fun activity for your family. 

Holtman's Donuts

Plan Ahead

The key to success with planning your Donut Trail trip is to plan ahead. Many of the donut shops open very early and sell out early too. I’d suggest following the trail map, and planning your trip accordingly. Take note of days that shops are open and when they close. Getting up and heading out first thing in the morning would be your best bet for hitting as many as possible. 

Butler County Donut Trail 1

Pace Yourself

With so many donuts available on the trail, remember to pace yourself! We stopped at 3 of the 12 destinations and that was plenty for us in a day! Sugar overload! If you’re looking to tackle more, consider sharing with someone to keep your sugar intake lower!  Go outside of your comfort zone and try a new flavor you may not have had before, believe me there is quite the variety. I had an everything bagel seasoning pretzel donut and it was awesome! 

Donut Passport

Don’t forget to bring your passport with you on each of your stops. You can pick one up from any of the donut shops, the Visitors Bureau or print it. Bonus, once you’ve completed the entire trail, you can mail your passport in for a sweet t-shirt! Make sure to take a selfie at each location, and get your passport signed so that you can get that shirt! 


How Do I get Started?

Get yourself to Butler County, get a map, a passport and hit the road and start crossing those donut shops off your list! 


Have you been to the Butler County Donut Trail? 

butler county donut trail

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