December 29, 2017

Build-a-Bear Workshop and Bakeshop

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Build-a-Bear Invited us for a visit. All opinions are my own. 

One of my favorite things about living in St. Louis is that you don’t realize some of the big companies that are headquartered here. One of those companies that we love is Build-a-Bear Workshop. Gosh, I can’t tell you how many furry friends we have in our home, and probably many of them are one I have made before Miss H was born. We always love going to Build-a-Bear to document special occasions like birthdays and milestones like saying goodbye to Hattie’s Bink once and for all.

We had a special opportunity last week to celebrate 2 events at our house. My birthday and Hattie officially being potty trained over night. If you’re a parent, you know what a battle that is. It took us forever for over night. Build-a-Bear wanted to celebrate with us and invited us to visit the workshop and their special pop up Bakeshop here in St. Louis for their 20th anniversary.


When we arrived we met Cindy who helped us create our new special friend. It’s just not bears and bunnies anymore, there is so much more! Hattie had a pretty good grip on Poppy from Trolls until we saw My Little Pony. She knew Rainbow Dash needed to join our family.


There are a variety of options to add to your new friend even before you fluff them up. From sounds and even smells! Rainbow Dash smells like cotton candy. Cindy helped Hattie fluff up her new friend and warm up and tuck in the heart.

After she was ready to go, we were off for a bath and a brush and then the clothes and accessories. So many options for our pony. Rainbow Dash ended up with her matching rainbow cape and boots. Cindy helped Hattie get her dressed and showed her the options that were apart of the My Little Pony Collection.


Once she was all decked out, we had to fill out the birth certificate and decide how she was going home. Hattie opted for the adorable cardboard box to take her home. I can report we still have that box over a week later she is playing with. After Rainbow Dash was all decked out, we headed just a few stores down to the Build-a-Bear Bakeshop for some cupcake decorating.

Build-a-Bear BakeShop

Now if you haven’t gone to the Bakeshop yet, its adorable. The colors are bright and inviting and it’s the perfect little break for your mall trip. They have a variety of cupcake options to take home, or you can decorate your own if you have time. They let Miss H pick her colors to decorate and type of cupcake and then there were probably more than 20 sprinkle options to decorate with. Don’t worry, they have plenty of wet wipes to clean up your kiddo too! We made quite the blue frosting mess!


They also have flavored milk. They sweet girls there convinced me that the Root Beer Milk was amazing and they were right. We actually brought one home for Santa to try and it must have been a hit because it was all gone. They shared with us that it was from a dairy in Kansas City. We also learned the most popular milk flavor was Cotton Candy, which makes total sense.

Overall, this was a wonderful way to celebrate. Like I always say, making memories is our game and this one was definitely a great day for making them. If you’re thinking of something fun to do, this is a great kid friendly activity. Thank you to Build-a-Bear for a Beary Fun Day!

4 responses to “Build-a-Bear Workshop and Bakeshop”

  1. Chelsae says:

    I love how you saying “making memories is our game.” My husband and I have a very similar motto and can’t wait to continue that with our little girl. I have always loved build a bear but how cool that you get the pop up bake shop too! Such a fun experience!

  2. Julie says:

    Did not know they opened a bakeshop until I saw your pics. What fun!!

  3. Catie says:

    So fun! Is this at the Galleria?

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