April 30, 2019

A Better Night Sleep with Big Fig

And Hattie Makes Three Big Fig Mattress Review

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And Hattie Makes Three Big Fig Mattress Review

It’s been about eight weeks since we had our Big Fig Mattress delivered. When three big delivery guys brought in the bed, I couldn’t believe how big and tall is was! Fitting, because this particular mattress is designed for the bigger figured person. With Jeff being the tall guy and me being the more fuller figured lady, I thought this would be the perfect upgrade to our bedroom. Our previous mattress was about 15 years old, and we just decided it was time for a change. 

I heard a quote from Oprah years ago that your home should rise up to meet you. If I’m being 100% honest, I didn’t feel like our bedroom was a sanctuary or an oasis of relaxation. I was ready for a mini update in our room, and the first update was with our bed. With our new mattress from Big Fig Mattress, new night stands and headboard, I can now say I love the feeling of our bedroom.

What is Big Fig Mattress? 

Big Fig Mattress is the first mattress built to meet the needs of sleepers with a bigger figure. It makes sense in today’s society that we should have options available like this, right? Their mission aligns so well with the Body Positive movement. Truly, they want everyone to have a better nights sleep. I think that is something we can all get behind.  Bonus, there is a 20 year warranty too!

Who is Big Fig For?

The Big Fig Mattress is built specifically to support continued application of body weight of up to 550lbs, or a couple with a distributed weight of 550-1100 lbs. That would be a pretty lengthy brand name. So we shortened it, and added a memorable dose of fun with the abbreviation “Big Fig”, a colorful fruity logo and even some yummy Fig Jam for our customers – because who doesn’t like an extra gesture of sweetness delivered to their doorstep?

The Big Fig Mattress Foundation can support five times the weight of your typical foundation. With 18 slats and double center rails, you know you are being supported.  With their long lasting Hybrid Construction, Big Fig offers 1 Layer of Perforated Foam, 3 Layers of High Density Foam with a 1600 Coil Count. This mattress truly is a great blend of support and ultimate comfort. 

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My Big Fig Mattress Review

When we got our new Big Fig mattress, our old mattress you could see two sizable indentations from where we slept. It was soft, not super stable and we were ready for a change. Because of the dramatic change in softness to a more firm bed,  I was so worried about how I would feel. It took a couple of weeks to really get comfortable on the mattress. Honestly, I think it’s just because of the quick change of firmness threw me for a loop.

Eight weeks later, I can say I’ve been sleeping so well! I love that our Big Fig is sturdy enough to not wake up Jeff when I get up early for the gym. I can lay on my side of the bed and Hattie can jump on the bed and I don’t even feel it. I love that if you squish down, it’s soft, but firm when you sleep. I feel like I am sleeping better, feel more rested and don’t toss and turn like I used to to get comfortable. 

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Also love that this bed is not going anywhere. I had a heck of a time trying to put the bed skirt on a few days later and definitely needed help from Jeff to move it. Our old mattress used to shift and slide, I know this mattress isn’t going anywhere. Solid as a rock! 

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Overall, I’ve been very happy with our Big Fig Mattress. Even though it is deeper than our older mattress, our favorite sheets still work great! With a new headboard and side tables, this was a quick refresh I felt great about. Between having a better nights sleep and having an updated bedroom, it leaves me well rested and inspired. Who knew a mattress could do all of that? 

Have you upgraded your mattress lately? 

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