November 2, 2017

Best Time to Be a Kid


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Hello, home stretch of 2017. We’re in the middle of the big holidays and it is officially cold in St. Louis!  I don’t think we actually had a fall this year, but we are dealing with it!  We took full advantage of our first chilly day in the 40’s to share with you some of the adorable collection from  Gymboree’s newest line. Winter accessories are a must in St. Louis, so bundling up with hats and scarves are a a fashion statement requirement.


I’m so excited with what is to come rolling into this holiday season. I feel like at 3 (almost 4) we are truly in the magical window of what holiday season is all about. With no nap to worry about, we have all day to plan activities, and a longer attention span to do a little more grown up activities. On tap for this year is a Teddy Bear Tea, lots of opportunities to look at Christmas lights around town, of course meeting Santa a few times and more. We started the tradition of Teddy Bear Tea last year and I’m excited to see how engaged she is this year. Two was probably a little young to start last year, but I know she’ll love doing it this year with her friends.


When it comes to what Hattie wants to wear, she loves to accessorize! She loves picking out her shoes, but isn’t terribly picky on what to wear. Usually the biggest debate we have in our house is if we’re wearing our hair down with a headband like Smurfette or high in a Poppy Pony like Poppy from Trolls.

This little lady is living her best life and has friends and family around her who love and support anything and everything she wants to do. From gymnastics to school to hands on activities and adventures we go on, she truly has the makings of a memorable childhood. We focus on making long lasting memories in our house. If it’s going for storybook walks or making a mess baking cookies in the kitchen, we love that quality family time.


These Duck Boots have been on this little gal’s feet since they came out of the box last week. With someone who insists on doing everything herself, these are a great way for her to have independence and feel stylish all at the same time. I have a feeling these will be sitting at the backdoor every day to be worn, they go with everything. Who doesn’t love the pop of pink on the sole?



Isn’t the cupcake purse darling? I can confirm it holds 3 My Little Ponies and fruit snacks perfectly. Carrying a bag like Mommy is her favorite thing to do, and I just love that sprinkle detail. Mommy may need to borrow that for date night! We love that Gymboree is a one stop shop for all things adorable, pink and glittery for Hattie’s winter wardrobe. It makes it so easy to dress her when it’s clothes she loves to wear. As a mom, it makes me feel good buying quality that will last more than one season too!





You can shop all of the new looks at Gymboree or in store. If you love the outfit Hattie wore, I’ve shared the links below. How are you planning on spending the holidays with you children? Any special activities or memories to be made?

Stay tuned later this week for a $50 Gymboree Gift Card Giveaway!

Hattie’s outfit Included:

Photo Credit – Dawn Stroup Kirby

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