January 21, 2020

Best New Mom Podcast -Murky Motherhood

New Podcast Murky Motherhood

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New Podcast Murky Motherhood I’m a little late to sharing here, but did you know that we started a podcast last month? It is the best Mom Podcast I’ve listened to in a long time (not biased or anything). My friend Audrey and I decided that as moms no one talks about the hard things and that we wanted to do a deeper dive into the murkiness of motherhood. Let’s dig in a little more and you’ll agree this is the best mom podcast you’ve listened to too!

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Meet the Hosts

Audrey, from Read It & Reap with Me. Is the Mom of 2  – Elise who is 8 and Dax who is 4.  She is a children’s books dealer with Usborne Books & More. Which is oddly enough how we met!

Jen, is the Mom of Hattie, and fur baby Rosie. When she’s not recording podcasts, she runs her business And Hattie Makes Three and is also over on Instagram daily. She loves sharing places and things she loves and highlighting her love to St. Louis.

How We Met

It’s funny how you make mom friends in this day in age. Jen and Audrey met of Instagram, went to coffee and after two hours of conversation, we decided we needed to do a podcast. The great thing about meeting people online is that you know what you’re going to get when you meet someone (if you’re being true and authentic online). We opened up about the struggles of motherhood, this murky season of life we both found ourselves in, and felt like other women would benefit from the conversation. And from that, Murky Motherhood was born!

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What to Expect

We’re covering the tough topics including:

And more! If you enjoy having conversations with your girlfriends, then this is the podcast for you!

New podcasts releases every Monday. 

Like What You Hear?

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Where to Find Murky Motherhood

Murky Motherhood is available on the your favorite podcast platform including:

Apple Podcast



You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram


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