August 7, 2018

Husband Style Evolution

Beckett Simonon - And Hattie Makes Three

This post may contain affiliate links. A small portion of sales will go towards supporting And Hattie Makes Three.

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you to Beckett Simonon for the gorgeous shoes, all opinions are our own.

Beckett Simonon - And Hattie Makes Three

Do you remember what your husband wore on your first date? I do. I have one of those photographic memories that takes pictures in time and files them in my brain. Now, between the yellow car and the tri-color highlights, I’m not sure what I thought I was doing when I said yes to that first date almost 14 years ago, but I’m so glad I did.

Over time Jeff’s style has evolved and thankfully, he’s gotten away from the cargo shorts and a few other items. I’ve still not convinced him on boat shoes or plaid shorts, but I’m widdling him down. When he accepted his new role last year he started to become a little more of a snazzy dresser. He works with sales reps who are big into appearance. Shoes, suits, the works. As an engineer he began to look at the craftsmanship and work that it takes to make a quality material and he came across Beckett Simonon.  Now let me say, I can’t take any credit for his love of these shoes. He found them, ordered them and now we have a small collection sitting in our master closet. He loves these shoes.

Now these shoes are unlike any other. You have to wait for these and it can take a little bit of time, but the cost savings and quality are well worth it!

These particular shoes are the Durant Oxford Brogues in Bordeaux. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Beckett Simonon - And Hattie Makes Three 3

So what’s so different about these shoes? Well, you can’t just order and they ship them to you. You’ll actually pre-order your shoes and that gives you the opportunity to save big money on individually handcrafted shoes. They only make the number of shoes that have been pre-ordered, so you’ll get gorgeous shoes at a fraction of the cost!

Beckett Simonon - And Hattie Makes Three 2

Beckett Simonon - 3

He also loves the Hoyt Monk-straps in Tan and the Dean Oxfords in Tan. He wore the Dean Oxfords for our 10 year anniversary photos. He’s just the cutest.

Beckett Simonon 1
Beckett Simonon 2

As always Beckett Simonon offers free shipping. They are happy to do exchanges if sizing is off. Jeff had an issue with that and they were more than happy to accommodate. Overall, these shoes have upped his style, are classic and are handcrafted with love and care. We’ll be long time customers for sure!


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