August 2, 2018

New Hair. New Outlook.

And Hattie Makes Three Beauty Brands 2

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It has been over 10 years since I have colored my hair. 10! I guess in my mind coloring my hair was something that you didn’t do if you had dark hair. For me I was always told I had such pretty hair, why would I want to ruin it? I got a little crazy with highlights in college and it got brassy, the fear of what those with dark hair dread. So, as soon as my engagement ring was on my finger, I went back to all one color as close to my natural color as possible and let it be.

Until the last year I’ve embraced my uncolored hair and then the gray hairs show up. At first it was just a few here and there and I was plucking them out, but finally I decided it was time to take care of business. I even tried to tuck a little pop of color in, and it just ultimately got brassy. This lady needed help! Luckily, Beauty Brands was there to help me figure out how to best manage my hair through this new transition in my life.

Let’s take a look at the before.

Sunflowers - And Hattie Makes Three 5

Now, I’ll say a new transition because I have one year left of being an official stay at home mom and we’re officially in the covering gray department. One year from now I’ll have a kindergartner and I’ve decided this is the year Momma gets her groove back. I was so excited to work with Beauty Brands and my stylist, Ali, who was so sweet and easy to work with. I sent over a quick video sharing my hair story. Yes, a hair story! I talked all about my gray hair and how I can’t blow my hair dry to save my life and sometimes the curl in my hair takes over and I’m left with a mess.  Basically it was a 2 minute SOS – Save my Style!

The After!

In addition to the video, I got really nervous about coloring my hair again. Ali was great at calming my nerves and we talked about the all over color to manage the gray and she told me I didn’t have that much gray as I thought! It’s just a little more obvious with darker hair. So there I was sitting there and the color on my head and anxiously awaiting for the outcome and I have to tell you I love it! We went with a bayalage with just a hint of color and it gives it such a depth of color.

And Hattie Makes Three Beauty Brands 1

Now the cut we didn’t do much. If you remember earlier this year I cut all my hair off and secretly loved it. But secretly regretted going so short and I’ve been in grow mode ever since. Ali just cleaned up the layers and I’m back in business with continuing to grow. I think the bayalage will look so pretty as it grows out, I always love soft curls and longer hair.

And Hattie Makes Three Beauty Brands

Ali walked me through the styling process and gave me step by step on the best way to dry my hair so it lasts longer, meaning my color will last longer since I won’t be washing as often. Must work on setting aside more “Me Time” to make sure I’m setting my color up for success! I have a follow up appointment in a couple of weeks to learn how to blow my hair dry and the best way to curl my hair. I’m overly excited about this appointment and I’ll share all about it.

And Hattie Makes Three Beauty Brands 2

Booking at Beauty Brands couldn’t be any easier.  Bonus, I even have a 20% off coupon for a first time service. Believe me, they’ll make you feel confident and fabulous with your own style. With over 58 locations in 12 states,  check online to see where the closest location is to you. They are a full service salon and spa, with over 200 salon-brand hair care products, they want to help you with your hair health and style. They truly are a one stop shop for all your beauty needs.

And Hattie Makes Three Beauty Brands 3

I’ll be back soon to share some tips and tricks I learned from Ali at our next appointment as well as the products that we have used for my hair. Thank you again to Beauty Brands for such a fun change to my look! I’m excited to find my next step in what I’ll be doing next, and glad to know I have some gorgeous hair to go with me.

Shirt – Draper James X Eloquii 

Ballet Flats – Sam Edelman

Jeans – Dia & Co.

Photography by Megh Christine Photography   

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