September 7, 2017

Anti-Age Haircare with Kenra Platinum Snail Collection

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This year, I hit 35 and well, it’s time to think about a lot of those more adult things you need to do. One thing I didn’t think  about was caring for my aging hair. While I spend tons of my skin to make sure I don’t have wrinkles, I haven’t been thinking of my hair as aging. I was excited when Kenra send me their Platinum Snail Collection that focuses on aging hair.

While I don’t color my hair just quite yet, I can use this collection to help with the aging. Sure, I have gray hair, but this will help with keeping it healthy in a different way. The new Kenra Platinum Snail Collection contains Snail Essence which is a unique blend of proteins that will awaken the youth in your help. It will help fight the 10 signs of aging hair including frizz, dryness, dulling and thinning. The great thing about having a stylist you love is that they can have those hard conversations about gray hair and when it’s time. This past week, we began having those conversations. With my hair being so dark, I am always worried about brassiness, so I just stopped coloring my hair all together about 10 years ago after my wedding. We’ve talked about options to give me the look I want, but not go over the top. I appreciate that we have the conversations about maintenance and expectations.

I’m going to have to consider myself fairly lucky because the same person who has been cutting my hair has been doing it for 12 years! Yes, 12! It’s funny how you end up with a hair stylist that ultimately become someone you are comfortable with and let them cut your hair.

This past week I went to see my stylist and I brought 3 different hair options and we ended up with a blend of the three. The great thing about one person cutting your hair is that they get to know your hair type. I know when I bring stick straight and thin hair photos, I’ll likely get an eye roll, and then a solution. She also uses Kenra products in her salon, so I love that I can use the same products she has at home.

I love the Kenra Platinum Heat Block Spray which gives a high hold and protects on styling tools up to 450 degrees and the Kenra Shaping Spray, which is alcohol free! It’s the first ever of it’s kind. I love being able to create those salon finished styles at home.

I’m thrilled about how my hair turned out and the Kenra products will be perfect to use at home. Are there any Kenra Products that you love to use?



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