February 15, 2016

A Daily Boost with Nature Made Vitamins

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This past year I decided to put more of a focus of my health and wellness. I realized that I wasn’t getting any younger, Miss H was on the move and I needed to get on board. I did a couple of things to get me on track. First, was to get moving. I started taking barre classes and haven’t looked back. It’s been a great motivation and inch remover.

The other thing I started doing was focused on taking vitamins daily. When I was pregnant I was so diligent about taking my prenatal vitamin and an extra dose of vitamin D. When I stopped breast feeding, I just quit everything cold turkey. Probably not the best idea.

I decided that I needed to get back on the wagon with a multivitamin, my vitamin D (especially in the winter months) and something for my nails, hair and skin. After doing some additional research, I determined that Nature Made would be the perfect fit to offset my health and wellness goals. I know that I can get my daily boost with Nature Made and know it’s good for me. Nature Made recently stared a great program where you can get Daily Boosts from them with great tips and tricks. It’s a great way to put our health and wellness top of mind. 
I get all of my Nature Made Vitamins in the vitamin aisle at Walmart. You could probably spent all day just in that one aisle. So many different vitamins to chose from.
I really love the Nature Made VitaMelts. They taste like strawberry lemonade and dissolve in your mouth.



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