March 15, 2016

8 Is Great – Happy Anniversary!

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8 Years ago I walked down the aisle and said yes to marrying this man. Gosh, 8 years. That seems like FORVER!
This past weekend we attended a Marriage Seminar through our church just as a pulse check to see how things are going. You know, since stuff can change in 8 years! Don’t worry, everything was great – just a refresh and recharge. All good things!
In 8 years, I’ve changed jobs a few times, quit my job, had a baby, stayed in the same house, hubs has been promoted countless times and we’ve been in a good place. We’ve gone on some amazing trips, we’ve experience the loss of my dad, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve probably lost and gained and lost again 100 lbs combined and now we’re both in good places.
 I’m glad SO we got married before Pinterest weddings went nuts AND when we had zero budget since we had just bought a house we really couldn’t afford and had to do it on the cheap! Also – wedding photography is SO much better now!
I finally found one of the CD’s from our wedding, so here are some of my favorite.
My Dad was SO excited to wheel me down the aisle, but we had major ugly cry all the way down!
Of course 8 years ago was when these composite style pictures were so cool. They do look nice in our wedding album that never gets looked at, but you know a MUST have! 


One of my favorite pics from the wedding. My BFF was getting married weeks later and told me I had to wear a bracelet and gave me hers. Good thing she did – it looked great!
So here is to many many more years! It’s been an amazing ride thus far – can’t wait to keep on celebrating!

9 responses to “8 Is Great – Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Happy Anniversary!! You've lived a lot of life together in 8 years. Loved seeing your wedding pictures. I got married almost 12 years ago, long before Pinterest, and am thankful for that, too! Hope you have some fun plans to celebrate.

  2. Jess Beer says:

    Happy Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Happy 8 years!! We have some friends that attend a marriage seminar yearly, but we have never been. It sounds like a great "refresh" type of thing. Maybe our church will have one soon. 🙂 And yes to the Pinterest thing. We got married before Pinterest too. I can only imagine how much more money we would have spent.

  4. Happy 8 year Anniversary!!! I feel the opposite about Pinterest weddings but Im a big DIYer 😉 Many more beautiful years ahead!

  5. Julie says:

    I still think the pic I have of you holding the knife like you're ready to kill is the best!

    Happy anniversary guys!!

  6. XO Kerry says:

    Happy Anniversary. Beautiful couple. It's so fun to look back and see how the styles have changed over the years. I love the photo of you and your dad. So sweet.

  7. Melissa says:

    Love all of these! Such an awesome day.

  8. What a beautiful day!
    Happy Anniversary!

  9. Happy Anniversary! You looked beautiful in your dress 🙂

    Edye //

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