August 13, 2018

5 Kid Approved Lunches for Back to School

Kid Approved Lunches 2

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We officially are in our first full week of school and one thing that I always make sure we have planned are lunches. While Hattie doesn’t go to school everyday, we like to keep a variety of lunch options available and stick to eating at home for lunch as much as possible. We love that Schnucks Markets are close, and have all of our favorites to make sure lunch time is a success!

As a mom, I want to make sure Hattie is getting good food to fuel her body so she can fuel her brain when she is learning at school. I stick to 4 options for her lunches that may include fruits, veggies, dairy, a sweet treat and protein. Here are 5 of our favorite go to lunches that we eat all the time!

  1. Classic PBJ – now, I know some schools have rules and regulations about peanut free zones, but there are some great alternatives. I always love packing a frozen GoGurt to keep the lunchbox cool, a whole piece of fruit (and start the peel since it can be difficult) and of course a sweet treat. 

2) Kid Friendly Charcuterie – I’m a big fan of a cheese board and we love to create our own charcuterie lunches at home. Pick up your child’s favorite meat and cheeses – we’re partial to Boar’s Head and Schnucks Markets Hard Salami (it’s our fave) in the Deli Department. We sometimes sneak in black olives and pickles as a fun added twist. Hattie is really on a fruit and yogurt smoothie kick, so that seems to be in every one of our lunches here lately. 

Kid Approved Lunches 1

3) Breakfast for Lunch – Hattie loves breakfast. She loves hard boiled eggs, a granola bar, fresh fruit and a yogurt with some fresh fruit as a lunch option. It’s a fun way to have breakfast all day long.

Kid Approved Lunches 4

4) Turkey Roll Ups – A classic pairing – honey roasted turkey and cheddar cheese. Pair it with a side of ranch or your favorite Greek yogurt dip and veggies, they can dip their wrap to change it up from your traditional mayo. Paired with sweet peppers and watermelon and a few goldfish for fun, this lunch is a home run! 

Kid Approved Lunches

5) Roast Beef & Cheddar Hawaiian Rolls – I don’t know about you, but I could sit and eat Hawaiian Rolls all day if you let me. These are perfect lunchbox size, paired with a couple of sides and you have a great lunch ahead. 

Kid Approved Lunches 2

So there you have it 5 super easy lunch box ideas that will get you over a week’s worth of lunches. Everything we picked up at Schnucks Markets and we were in and out in no time.  You can get more inspiration from Schnucks Markets recipes online for your lunches too! All so adorable and kid approved!

Don’t forget to pack napkins, utensils and a drink! We tend to stick to water around here, but low juice boxes are also a great option. I feel like with a good go to list of lunches it is easy to not stress out, and know that a good lunch is going to be served. 

What do you like to put in your lunch boxes? 

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