August 21, 2016

5 Great Places to Use WaterWipes

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We may be done with diapers for the most part, but we still need to use wipes on a daily basis. We are big fans of WaterWipes because not only can we use them when we have a potty situation, but we can use them for EVERYTHING! I’m so excited to be selected as brand ambassador for WaterWipes and today I’d love to show you the 5 places where I keep WaterWipes on hand.


1) Potty
Miss H is mostly potty trained. We still use a diaper for naps and bedtime, but I like to keep WaterWipes on hand when there is a funky situation in the bathroom…if you know what I mean. Some times, toilet paper just doesn’t do it, and you need a little extra. We keep a package in basket on the back of the potty for easy accessibility.



2) Purse
I always keep a small package on hand in my bag. From sticky suckers to messy fingers or out at lunch, these are a no-brainer. When I have my large tote, I’ll bring a bigger container and then the travel size for smaller shorter trips. I’ve left these at home and I always regret it. Don’t forget the wipes!

3) Car
Confession – these are mainly for me. I keep them in the glove box and when I spill my coffee or knock over a drink (which I seem to do regularly) I have them on hand. I also will get one out and wipe down the steering wheel (gross) and even the dash depending on how long the red light is.



4) Arts & Crafts
We have a lot of arts and craft supplies in our kitchen. We have so many, I have a rolling cart with bins of supplies. Miss H is really into stamps right now. As you can imagine, pink and purple ink can get a little messy and WaterWipes just clean those messy fingers right up.

5) Face Wipes
Before I go to bed every night, I like to use a WaterWipe to remove my mascara and grime from the day. Didn’t think you could use them too, did you? I actually find since they are 99.9% water, that most of my makeup comes off fairly easily and I have a clean face for bed. I told myself years ago using a wipe is a better alternative to washing your face and getting everything wet. Just wipe, toss and hop in bed!
I love that WaterWipes are natural and safe for my family. I always found that when Miss H was little that skin-to-skin contact was the best and WaterWipes is helping to promote that. What is more natural than that. You can watch their video below highlight why it is so important to them.  

Now that I’ve shared my 5 favorite places I keep my WaterWipes, tell me, is there a special place you use wipes? Tell me your crafty mom secrets – I must know!

Stay tuned as I have a series of fun posts with WaterWipes coming over the next couple of months! Next up – a playdate! If you’re local, let me know an I’d love to have you!


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  1. These wipes are amazing for removing eye makeup. I have loved the quick removal they provide! And the basic ingredients mean no painful chemicals getting into my eye.

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