February 6, 2020

2B Organized to the Rescue

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This post is in partnership with 2B Organized. All opinions are my own. 

Confession – I’m not the tidiest person it the world. I have very good intentions, but mainly my issue is clutter. I go in waves and spurts of wanting to organize the whole house. I’ll have a box and a label for everything and then I stop. We’ve lived in our home for 13 years and honestly, my basement has become a dumping ground for all things. Luckily, I have 2B Organized to the rescue. When they reached out to me, I was excited to learn more about their offerings, but was so excited to learn they would be able to help me with a solution for all of the buckets of clothes for Hattie and my wrapping paper problem.

I’ve saved a large amount of her clothes to resell, and let’s just say she’s 6 now. You can see where this is going. 

What is 2B Organized?

2B Organized is a company that offers sustainable organization solutions to ensure your home stays pretty & practical. Their organizers align the vision of their client’s lives & spaces through personalized organizing, sustainable solutions, practical methods & confidential relationships. 

I had the opportunity to meet Debra & Amanda from the St. Louis, MO 2 location, and they really changed the outlook on my basement! 

What to Expect?

The week before they came over for a consultation. I didn’t even tidy up the house when they came because I wanted to show them what they were getting themselves into!

We looked at pain points in my home and came up with an action plan to minimize the clutter and get organized. We agreed that the basement was being under utilized and that refreshing my basement closet and getting the clutter from the bottom of the stairs would be a great starting place to get the space into more function living space. They shared that it was going to get messy before it got cleaner. 

Tips from the Experts

I asked Amanda and Debra if there is anything you should know about having someone come in and assist you with organizing your space – 

Be Ready to Purge 

You’ve asked them to come help, be ready to clear the clutter. If you’re not willing the downsize what you have, it’s going to make it harder to keep it clean and have them help. 

Don’t Be Embarassed

When we had our initial consultation, one of my first questions was inquiring if my house was the messiest and unorganized they have seen. I’m sure these ladies have seen it all and don’t stress about what your house looks like. They are here to help you! I think about it from a perspective that you’re ready and willing to accept help. You’re off to a great start! 

Focus On One Room At a Time

Baby steps is the way to go. When you have your consultation, focus on those pain points that will make your situation easier. Let them know you budget for organizational items and they can help set you up for succcess. Even just a short 3 hours can help get a space in place. They’ll let you know how they can help best. 


Let’s show the good, the bad, and the ugly today shall we? Here is in, in all it’s glory. 

The Process

Now before this day of organization ever came, the ladies came by the week before to tour my home, look at what they were up against and offer ideas and suggestions. Then they came back to me, asked me what my budget was for storage items and then they showed up a week later! Initally they had suggested some larger storage racks, and I decided I wanted to stick with the storage containers and we could repurpose some of what we already had. The day of, the ladies brought the storage items, used what they needed to, and then just invoiced me for what we did use. 

Knowing that the ladies were staying for about 6 hours, we had our work cut out for us. I asked how I could help and they put me to work sorting Hattie’s baby clothes in to keep, sell, and donate piles. It felt weird having someone organize my house and not help. They assured me, that it was okay. I helped to organized clothes into spring and winter so that I can take the bins to consignment. I’ve been holding on to these clothes with intentions of selling for years, and might as well just let it go now. Debra & Amanda referred me to a consignment shop that they thought I would have a higher level of success too. 

While I sorted, Debra & Amanda were in the workout room where the dreaded closet was. They sorted and organized everything I had. Asked questions about what to keep, sell or donate and widdled down my wrapping paper stash. 


So with the tips and suggestions from Debra & Amanda, we decluttered and purged a ton! Bonus, anything we needed to donate, they took it when they left and I didn’t have to worry about letting those donations ride around in my car. We actually planned their visit around trash day mainly because we filled up the entire rolling can! I was fully expecting that. 

 Look at all the trash and donations. Felt so good to let it go!

Thanks to Debra & Amanda and 2B Organized my brain is coming up with other ideas on how they can come help me organize other areas!

The Big Reveal

Overall, I was blown away with the results. The ladies really set me up for sucess with organizing the closet and giving every place a home. They also gave me tasks to accomplish staying on top of Hattie’s clothing. I’ll be taking those to bins to consignment next week. We also organzied my old cloth diapers that need to be sold, shoes that I can resell and then the items hanging are clothes to resell on Facebook resell groups knowing I’d profit a little more from putting in the effort. Everything is organized and I just need to do the work. 

The ladies also were able to use a lot of the storage containers I had on hand. They even found the purple drawers in our unfinished area and repurposed them. They did bring ing the clear polka dot containers on the top shelves, labeled and organized them all. They also brought in the adorable rolling cart and bin to keep all of my wrapping paper and bows organized. 

Everything has a home, Christmas is seperated out from other events like birthdays, baby showers, weddings. They even paper-clipped each roll so I don’t have flying rolls all over. It looks gorgeous. Now, I’m sure they threw quite a bit away as well, which I was okay with and expected. This also shows me that I have zero business spending any time buying wrapping paper for a while. That is an area I can save money on for quite a while. 

Here is a full video of the completely cleaned up basement. I’m so thrilled we have a space back again to entertain, spend time as a family and enjoy the space we created so long ago! If you’re feeling stuck, uninspired or just need a little help getting organized and back on track, these ladies can help! Give them a call and they’ll let you know how they can help you! 

Thank you again to Debra & Amanda and 2B Organized, I’m so thrilled with the results! 

Have you tried an organzational service before? 



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In partnership with 2borganized – sharing a before and after of the basement project we completed this week! #partner #2borganized #prettyandpractical

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