October 16, 2019

10 Reasons to Love Foss Swim School

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It’s been a little over a month since we started swimming lessons. Now that school has started, we are ready to buckle down, focus and do it with the help of Foss Swim School. Foss Swim School is the newest cool pool in the O’Fallon area. I’m telling you, all the good stuff is heading out our way in St. Charles County! Hattie has loved adding this activity to her weekly routine. She is always asking how many days to Foss Swim School. 

What is Foss Swim School? 

Foss Swim School is a structured swimming program that provides students with their personalized Swim Path™ approach. Focused on a program with 10-15 classes, students are with the same instructor for consistency. Because, don’t all kids (and parents) love routine and what to expect? Students advance based on skills not age group. The biggest goal for Foss Swim School is to teach swimming and we make the memories. You know that around here, we are all about making memories. 

As I mentioned, we’ve been swimming at Foss Swim School for about a month now and I wanted to share 10 of the reasons why we have really enjoyed the program so far. 

State of the Art Facility 

The O’Fallon location is brand new, bright, clean and gorgeous! I love that you can see a full view of all swim lessons going on. As a parent, you have the option to sit inside the pool area or sit in the waiting room – your choice! They have thought of everything, with a play area for siblings or when your child is waiting. They have installed showers on the pool deck so you can take a shower and head to the locker room to change and head home. 

Pro Tip – if you have an evening swim lesson, just bring your jammies to change into after swimming and you’re ready for bed! 

Foss Swim School has thought of everything from how to handle wet swimsuits, drying your hair and even a great changing area for babies. It’s a family locker room, so there is plenty of space for every one to get ready before and after class. 

Don’t worry if you forgot something, there is a great selection of goggles, hair brushes (we’ve bought one) and other things you may need that you forget at home in their retail section. 

Amazing Instructors

Every instructor we have worked with has been fantastic. Hattie loves her instructor Maiya and they are such a great team working to develop her skills. Hattie can get a little silly sometimes and her coach knows how to get her back on track with skills they are working on for the day. Each class we’ve always had more than one instructor in the pool and all the students are in the pool and constantly swimming. They are definitely working the entire 30 minutes. Hattie always loves coming and asks when the next time we’ll see our friends.  

Small Weekly Classes 

Because repetition is key to any new skill, the classes are weekly with the same instructors and students. Swim offers 3:1 student/teacher ratio in beginner levels in their Learn-to-Swim progression. I love that we have the smaller class size because they are swimming the entire time. Working on the skills and correcting as they swim, you can tell the students are really progressing in their swimming.

Safety Week

We had the pleasure of experiencing safety week and I have to say I’m grateful they have this in their curriculum. Each student will wear street clothes in the pool for their lesson and no goggles. Hattie didn’t love not having to wear her goggles, but after reminding her if she accidentally fell in the pool with street clothes, she probably wouldn’t have those goggles with her. I watched her learn how to float longer than she is used to and then use her “Bird Arms” to navigate safely to the side. As a mom, safety is always a priority and so glad they added this into the curriculum.

Lessons for All Ages 

From babies to adults, Foss Swim School can help anyone learn to swim.  During the same time as Hattie’s lessons, they have baby classes and I just love watching those parents hop in the pool and sing and have such joy with their children. We’ve always encouraged water safety and starting so young is such a great thing to see! 

Add Extra Lessons

I love that if Hattie were to get really serious about her swimming, we could add an additional lesson to her session for only $15 a week. Kid’s activities can get expensive, so if your child is expressing interest in developing their skills, it’s a great option at an excellent price point! Bonus – 2 days of jammies! 

Adding an extra class a week can help with 

Family Swim

If you’re not quite ready to dive into weekly lessons, consider coming for a Family Swim which is held on Friday nights. It’s a great time to connect as a family after a long week, start the weekend out right. 

Family Swim Rules: 

Tuition Discounts for Families 

Have more than one child swimming? Ask about tuition discounts. I love when companies support families in this way. 

Try A Class for Free

If I’ve convinced you to check out Foss Swim School, sign up online for a free preview class. Just sign up online or call and they will get you set up!


We have really loved our partnership with Foss Swim School and because of that we’d like to offer one lucky ready from And Hattie Makes Three a Free Session of Swimming! A $350 Value! Just follow the prompts below and winner will be announced November 1st! 

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7 responses to “10 Reasons to Love Foss Swim School”

  1. Denise says:

    I didn’t learn to swim until I was an adult. Too bad we didn’t have a cool swim school around when I was a kid.

  2. Alisa says:

    Looks like a great place to learn!

  3. Gina S says:

    Wow! I really like the fact the changing rooms and bathrooms are clean!

  4. Carol Cornett says:

    Looking to get my daughter some swim lessons, she’s 2.5. I think I learned to swim maybe just before starting Kindergarten 😊

  5. Cyndi says:

    Going for a preview lesson on Friday!

  6. Michelle says:

    I learned to swim around 6 at our neighbors pool! We dont have a pool on our family so it’s been harder to teach my 3 girls. Water safety is sooo important! Thank you for a chance at your giveaway!

  7. Christine says:

    I learned to swim before I could walk! I’ve always loved the water and making sure my kiddos learn safely to also love the water is a priority to me. Excited about and loving Foss Swim School already!

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